5 Minutes To Clean Your Bedroom

Morning time is the rush time, you need to wake up get the kids ready for school, prepare breakfast, pack the lunch box, get ready and rush off. Who has the time for making beds and tidying up!

You are lucky if you have engaged a maid service in Dubai. It means that you can actually leave all this and when you return back home at the end of the day you will find the house clean services and the beds made. If you do not have a maid or if your maid is on a holiday, you will come back home and instead of a neat inviting bed that you would love to lie in and enjoy the much-needed rest, you will have to deal with crumpled sheets and the depressing sight of unmade bed.

But, it does not take much to make your bed room inviting when you return back home. All it takes is just five minutes of your time to make the bed and leave a tidy room.

Here is what you need to start doing to ensure that you walk into an inviting bedroom every evening.

Make the bed as soon as you get up. This may not sound as the right thing, but if you make the bed as soon as you get out of it, you are more likely to begin you day on a high note. It is less likely that you or your partner will want to get right back into the bed once it is made. Since the bed takes up the most space in the room, if the bed is tidy, the bedroom also looks tidy.

So, when you get up tomorrow morning, straighten the sheets on the bed. Fold over the covers, plump up the pillows and straighten them. It will take less that 2 minutes to do this. Next keep a bedcover handy that you can throw over the top. A bright bedcover looks lovely and also keeps your bed dust free.

The next most unsightly thing that makes a bed room untidy is the clothes hanging around the room. Pick up all the clothes and put those that need to be washed into the laundry basket and the others can go straight into the wardrobe. You can do this when you are getting dressed. It will take less than a couple of minutes to put away all the clothes, if you make it a habit to do it every day. It also helps if you inculcate the same habits in your partner or spouse too.

All stray foot wear should be left in the shoe rack. This is another thing that clutters the bedrooms.

Now that all the main tidying up is done. Pull open the curtains to let some sunshine into your room. Your bedroom will look tidy and inviting and you will enjoy coming back home to a neat bed and tidy room.

You don’t really need your maid in Dubai to do this for you.